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How to Choose the Right Engineering Partner

Whether you’re starting a new project or trying to bring the current one to the finish line, sometimes you know you need to bring in outside help. Now that you’ve started looking for outsourced developers — and discovered there are thousands to choose... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Tech Recruitment

Hiring software engineers is a complex and challenging process. You must find the right places to advertise, create a clear job description, screen many applicants to select the right candidates, interview them to find those that will fit your team... Read more

Written by: Olamide Olawale on:

tags: outsourcing, business, recruiting

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State Management in React

React uses your application state and business logic to determine a user’s page content. This makes how we work with data important. If your application becomes difficult to manage, it’s because state management may have become cumbersome. Some kinds... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

tags: javascript, react

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