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An overview of Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin came to existence in 2009 after the Occupy Wall Street movement protested against banking institutions over their imposed budget cuts and tuition hikes. In their defence, the move was crucial for them to survive the great recession of 2008... Read more

Written by: Anne Essien on:

tags: blockchain, business

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7 Books Every Software Developer Must Read in 2021

It’s the new year. It is time to start executing those plans you made and ticking off the new year’s to-do-list items. For many people in the tech space, getting better as a software engineer is a top priority. Statistics have shown that there is bound... Read more

Written by: Olamide Olawale on:

tags: engineering, tech trends

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What to look out for when choosing a software development company

A guide to outsourcing your software development Now that you know you need to outsource your product development, selecting the right and compatible software development company to partner with can be tricky. Considering the number of organizations... Read more

Written by: Olamide Olawale on:

tags: outsourcing, business

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