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How to Work with Remote Engineers... Successfully

You know what makes a great dev project. You know who makes a great engineer. You even know how to guide a project from ideation to brilliant completion. But how do you bring that all together when your engineers aren’t working in your building and... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

tags: outsourcing, business, working remotely

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When to Outsource your Software Development Project

Deciding if you need outside software development resources You have a list of projects to complete within a given time-frame, but the deadlines are coming up fast and you know your talented team will never make it. Do you blow the entire department... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

tags: outsourcing, business

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Unit testing in Javascript with mocha.js

It is common knowledge that lots of developers do not like to write unit tests for their software because it’s a lot of additional work that feels like it should be optional. However, the utility of unit testing over meticulous eye-balling and manual... Read more

Written by: Anne Essien on:

tags: node, javascript, mocha.js

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