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Jetpack Components to Simplify Developing Android Navigation

Back in May 2018, Google announced the Android Jetpack. Jetpack components are a collection of libraries that are individually adoptable and built to work together while taking advantage of Kotlin language features that make you more productive. Read more

Written by: Emmanuel Kehinde on:

tags: android, mobile, jetpack

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Introduction to Ruby Class Inheritance

Understanding class inheritance in Ruby Ruby is an object-oriented programming language, and like most object-oriented programming languages, Ruby uses classes for the purpose of data abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. The... Read more

Written by: Anne Essien on:

tags: ruby

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Working with jsonb in ActiveAdmin

ActiveAdmin is a great framework for quickly creating attractive and powerful administrative interfaces for Ruby on Rails applications. It can handle all sorts of data fields, but for more complex database columns (such as PostgreSQL’s jsonb data type... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

tags: ruby, activeadmin, formtastic, rails, json

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