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We provide a wide range of services, including custom software development,

Web Application

LIXY's team of talented in-house engineers use structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. We tailor our solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Mobile Applications

LIXY builds mobile applications using our expertise with native SDKs and cross-platform tools to create products that work on any device or platform. We leverage our years of experience to deliver on-time and under budget.

Graphic Design

Our professional team of graphic designers specialize in creating beautiful designs for our cutomers. We bring creativity and aesthetic care to every project we work on.


We are here to help you execute on your vision.

Competitive advantages are created by identifying untapped markets and incorporating them into your plan. Africa is not recognized technology center, and that is an opportunity. LIXY identifies, trains and manages top quality engineers.

We augemnt your team with experienced high quality engineers, at a fraction of what you would pay for even a fresh graduate in the local market. We take care of the hastle of hiring, provide continuing education, and ensure high performance, so you can focus on building product you need.

Web Development
Android Development
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Sharing knowledge, Accepting challenge.

Working with jsonb in ActiveAdmin

ActiveAdmin is a great framework for quickly creating attractive and powerful administrative interfaces for Ruby on Rails applications. It can handle all sorts of data fields, but for more complex database columns (such as PostgreSQL’s jsonb column... Read more

Written by: Afam Agbodike on:

tags: ruby, activeadmin, formtastic, rails, json

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